Crating & Skids


Reusable Crating

Constructed primarily of high-grade plywood, our reusable packaging implements unique design features and hardware engineered to accommodate the needs of demo programs, returnable production programs and more.

Expendable Crates & Skids

Constructed primarily from cost-efficient materials, expendable packaging assists with cost-minimization during transportation and storage. Designed and manufactured to many of the same standards as reusable packaging, expendable crates and skids

Sure-Lok Crates

The SURE-LOK crate system is an amazingly simple yet innovative crate design. Individual panels are precicely macined creating slots and interlocking edges that enable the base, sides and top fit together for exceptional stacking strength.

• No tools required!

• Collapses to 5:1 ratio saving valuable warehouse and trucking space.

• Extremely Strong. Compression tested at over 50,000 lbs.

• Less costly and more durable than plastic bins, limitless sizes and quantities with no tooling costs, customizable with shock protections, interior partitions, straps, ramps, and blocking.

• Made from 100% engineered wood products or plastics so containers are completely export compliant.


Custom Cases


Custom Pelican™ Cases

Watertight, dusproof, crushproof protection for a wide veriety of applications. Custom Pelican cases add unmatched protection, organization and professionalism to your Sales/Demo Kits, Service Kits, FRU Packaging and High End Production Packaging. Pak-Rite renders a wide variety of foams into precision cut and fabricated custom interiors.

ATA Cases

Our cases are Air Transport Association Specification 300, Category 1, which means they are designed to ship on an airplane 100 times without having any damage. These ATA cases feature a custom-made double wall piece traps the laminate internally and externally. This interlocking system, with riveted hardware, increases strength and rigidity.

Custom Branding

Our in-house print and silk-screen departments support branding, organization and add professionalism to your custom Packaging. Our digital printing capabilities allow full-color branding and communications to be added to the exterior and interior of your custom package. Custom Pelican Case labels are printed using durable, high quality Vinyl & polycarbonate materials. Additionally, our silk-screen department brings vibrant and durable direct print branding to your case exterior.